If you cannot find it...

If there is a particular song that does not exist in our catalog, we can produce a custom MIDI sequence for you.

The (standard) criteria...

- The song must have a length of four minutes or less.
- A delay of three weeks is required for production.
- MIDI-PRO retains the copyright of the MIDI sequence.
- The client must supply a good quality audio recording of the original song.

Pricing starts at only $59 CAD (Canadian Dollars) per song.

Before placing orders for this service, please send the original recordings using a digital audio format (MP3, WMA, etc.) by email so we can audition the material. This will allow us to determine if any pricing adjustments are required based on the scope of work involved.

Write to us here if you require additional information.

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  • ARSENAULT, Jonny
  • BILODEAU, Émile
    Échec Et Mat
  • LGS
    Toutes Sexy
  • STRAIT, George
    Cowboys Like Us
    Poor Boy -SU
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