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Here are some tips about using the PAYPAL and INTERNETSECURE services that can help ensure safe and secure financial internet transactions. These tips can also be applied when navigating other internet sites.

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Always make sure that you are navigating in a secure environment when entering personal information. A secure transaction can easily be recognized in Netscape which displays a key or in Internet Explorer which displays a lock at the bottom of the screen. In both cases you are assured the optimal security conditions. If you do not see a security seal or if you see a broken seal, the security of the transaction is not guaranteed and it is possible that a third party intercepts the data.


For security reasons, all transactiona processed by PAYPAL or INTERNETSECURE are encrypted during transit. Note: These services cannot be accessed unless recent versions of the Netscape and Explorer browsers are used, which support the SSL protocol.


This acronym (SSL) stands for "Secure Sockets Layer", which is a standard method of securely transmitting confidential information across the Internet. Data is encrypted in such a way that it is virtually impossible to translate the information being transmitted across the network, be it email, purchases, banking transactions or any other type of communication.

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