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Our medleys...

We have created montages that contain parts of several songs. Line dances, musicals,  spotlights, special occasions, and much more!

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Hear our expertise...

To hear samples of our work, simply peruse the catalog or use the search engine on the site. Click on the song title to open up the details page. From there, look for the word "sample" and click on the word "available" to hear the audio sample.

The format used for samples is  MPEG Layer 3 (mp3). We suggest using winamp for playback, but there are many programs which support this format.

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In Production...
  • BROWN, Lomez
  • GOLDMAN, Jean-Jacques
    Tarata (Générique)
  • LACHANCE, François
    New York -FL
  • POULIN, Alexandre
  • TROWER, Robin
    Tear It Up
  • ZZ TOP
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