When you (the client) purchase MIDI-PRO backings tracks, what you are actually buying is a license which provides authorization for you to use said backings tracks during performances. The client is authorized to use MIDI-PRO backing tracks for private use only and IS NOT authorized to exchange, sell or trade our products in any form, including audio recordings. MIDI-PRO backing tracks cannot be used on web sites, nor as background music in distributed or shared audio, video or digital medium in any form. When you purchase any of our products, you are by default, agreeing to these terms and conditions.

If you wish to use one of our backing tracks as background music that would be distributed on an album or any other medium, you must first obtain a distribution license from us as well as securing the mechanical rights from the publisher that holds the copyright of the song.

All MIDI-PRO midifiles are the intellectual property of 0978-8861 Québec, Inc.

To obtain further information about electronic copyrights, contact our licensing department.


All MIDI-PRO files are protected by copyright laws and are for private usage only. Any other usage is strictly prohibited. This usage includes, but is not limited to, all commercial products including: recorded backing tracks, CD's, karaoke disks or files, song albums or printed sheet music.


MIDI-PRO holds an operating license for MIDI file transcriptions of musical works found in the repertoire of the Society for reproduction rights of authors, composers and publishers in Canada. Sodrac

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    Daddy's Little Girl -AM
  • CARLOS, Roberto
    Amigo -RC
  • COMBS, Luke
    Going, Going, Gone -LC
  • KREIS, Levi
    Hard Candy Christmas
  • MCGRAW, Tim
    Dear Santa
  • MORASSE, Marjolaine
    On Se Déracine
    J'te Veux Dans Ma Vie
  • SHELTON, Blake
    Home -MB
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