MIDI format: Using our 100% automated system, completed credit / debit card or PAYPAL orders can be processed and delivered (via email) within seconds. Orders are shipped as a single compressed file (zip) where all the midi files and the packing slip are assembled. This shipping method is not only faster in transit, but is also safer and the integrity of the order contents is assured. Many tools available for processing compressed files (archives), including free software. An excellent example is winzip, which is a very popular tool and a free evaluation version is available.

MP3 format: Due to the size of audio files, subsequent emails with file attachments will be sent to you to complete this order.

NOTE: It is possible that some email applications do not permit sending or receiving certain types of file attachements in order to prevent transmission of malware, viruses, worms, etc. Verify the security parameters of your system to determine how file attachments are handled.


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MP3 format: Click on the checkbox in the details column of the list to display the order contents, then click on the downwards-facing arrow at the end of each line to download the individual backing tracks. For catalogue items that begin with the letter "C", a zip file containing the MP3 and it's associated .CDG file is downloaded.


We strive for same-day order processing when manual payment methods such as ACCÈS-D, direct-deposit or money order are used, and a maximum delay of 48 hours is always respected. That being said, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have received your material within that timeframe.

NOTE: In order to ensure optimal usage of our automated order processing system, do NOT enter any information in the 'Special Instructions' space on the order form unless required. This action interrupts the automated system and sends the order to the studio for whatever manual editing is required. Leaving this space blank on the order form will result in the order being instantly processed / shipped out by email within seconds.

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BROWN, Gilles
We lost…
Gilles BROWN on this day (age 73) in 2016. He was born in Montréal, Québec, CANADA, North America in 1943. Les Valentins (band)
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Oscar THIFFAULT on this day (age 85) in 1998. He was born in Warwick, Québec, CANADA, North America in 1912.
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LAINE, Frankie
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Frankie LAINE on this day (age 93) in 2007. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA, North America in 1913. Francesco Paolo LoVecchio (real name), Old Leather Lungs (known as)
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Eddy WALLY on this day (age 83) in 2016. He was born in Zelzate, BELGIUM, Europe in 1932. Eduard Van De Walle (real name)
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BROWN, Gilles
We lost…
Gilles BROWN on this day (age 73) in 2016. He was born in Montréal, Québec, CANADA, North America in 1943. Les Valentins (band)
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  • 80 FOR BRADY
    Gonna Be You
  • BÉDAR, Dany
    Attends-Moi -DB
  • CARLOS, Roberto
    Amigo -RC
  • COMBS, Luke
    Going, Going, Gone -LC
  • DUPRÉ, Marc
    Tout L'amour Qu'on Donne
  • MORASSE, Marjolaine
    On Se Déracine
    J'te Veux Dans Ma Vie
    I Love To Love -TC
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